The Educability of Perch

Psychologist, Norman Triplett’s 1903 experiment titled, “The Educability of the Perch” tested the “social facilitation” effect on conditioning the behavior in perch. It was a complex study but for the purposes of this page I’ll sum it up as such: The fish were easily manipulated into changing their feeding habits to the point of not feeding, even when prey was readily available to them. They sometimes even starved after being convinced they had no power to eat their formerly favored food.

I see a similar happening among parts of the U.S. electorate these days. A group apparently so angry and misguided as to vote for people who have made it clear that they are not working in the poor saps’ interests. The issues surrounding this phenomenon are also quite complex but history shows it results in the same failures again & again. Instead of voting for those who are working on their behalf, these folks are exhibiting a “perch-like” inclination towards their own demise when better opportunities are readily available. Ideology, tradition, racism … the Machiavellian tactics used against them by their “leaders” … whatever the reason, the rhetoric has reached such caustic & ridiculous levels as to threaten the sanctity of our democracy.  Underneath all the hype & opinion, it’s pretty much just that simple.

We must all do what we can NOW to stop the madness.


Apparently, and to my great satisfaction, the majority of Americans have evolved beyond the educability of perch and have reelected President Barack Obama as the 44th POTUS.

Time will tell if those 40+% perch-inclined non-millionaires who voted for Mitt Rmoney will learn from this the lessons of change, growth & progress. Will the Republican Congress continue their obstructionist strategy or will they accept this defeat as a rejection of their extreme platform, with clear indications that the ways of old are over? It’s time to follow the lead of the President & get on board for the good of the country.

I am so proud of our nation and the resounding spirit of oneness that has resulted in this transformative win. The first time we elected President Obama was historic but the second time is a commitment to his vision for the country. A vision that includes everyone. He got a lot done in his first term, in spite of the Grand Obstructionist Party, and I feel that his second term will mark his place in history as one of the best presidents we’ve ever known.

Step by difficult step, we evolve beyond the level of fish & manifest our full humanity in the world.

We are the ones we’ve been waiting for …


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