How Deep The Rabbit Hole Goes


I counted 18 posts today in my drafts dating back to 2014. Posts with titles like, “The Madness of Denial” and “Politics of Life – Facts Versus Fiction” all with partial and finished paragraphs of varying lengths. All trailing off at some point of hopelessness, never to see the light of day.

Some part of me wanted very much to jump into to political fray. To engage with the resonant souls I’ve met in the effort to effectively contribute to our rapidly changing world.

But another, vital part of me was being called in a different direction by the implausible scene playing out in the political and socio-economic realms of the U.S. of A.

Since 2008, the battle between shadow and light has hit the global arena full force, sparked by the combustible psyches of pachyderms and asses, together trampling common sense and liberties with equal fervor.

Worlds have collided since I last posted here and several personal relationships have … changed. Or completely dissolved as madness has taken over the airways and infiltrated daily life.

We, as a nation, have sunk all the way down into the rabbit hole now. The oh-so-easily educable perch have fallen in line on cue.

Though now, they’re baring sharp, nasty teeth.

Me, eternal optimist, I was almost taken down by this unforeseen development. Sure, Sarah Palin had had her time in the limelight but we all know how that turned out. Who could have predicted that ignorance and idiocy would actually replace the news?

My optimistic resolve has been pushed to the thread-popping limits of my abilities which have all been called into question. Surpassing  WTF?? years ago, standing here and now at Donald Trump’s tiny fingers inches away from the nuclear codes.

Every time I think about it I must take pause …

I’ve often referenced Neale Donald Walsch’s controversial chapter, Hitler Went To Heaven from his best-seller, Conversations With God. The controversy caused, of course, by authoritarian minds unable to grasp context and innuendo. Mr. Walsch’s point was simply this. Hitler did his job of evil dictator. The test of those horrors was for We, The People. And we, the people, (corporations at the top of the list) dropped that ball epically.

I’m moved to write this today, not from some idealistic hope of changing anyone’s mind these five days before the election. This first presidential election since We, The People showed ourSelves conscious enough to elect President Barack Obama, twice.

No, I must concede that kind of blind optimism to the past 8 years, where war has been waged upon me in my own nation due to the color of my skin and conversations that were once cordial, become stilted and cold. I’m writing this to share my thoughts and maybe heal some of my own angst.

The reality is, this is nothing new. Racism has always been a major component effecting how I move through the world.  The negative messaging about the cocoa-color of my skin has been there since long before I was born though I’ve usually been able to balance issues with compassion and self-reflection.

Today, as the Obama presidency winds to a close, despite the efforts of many, too much in our nation has plunged to indefensible levels.

I must say, the President will be sorely missed. Even by the assholes.

The Svengalian twists of systemic deception have managed to create illusions that defy reason … and our lying eyes.

Though the U.S. collective has been trapped in the weeds of policy and opinion, the root of the problem is obvious.

The parasitic, divisive system of white supremacy and racism is at the core of our sickly twisted relations, a toxic thread that runs through the fabric of the nation. A foundation based in lies, partial truth, genocide, and oppression is bound to crumble. The fact that we’ve never truly dealt with the perverted parts of  our collective past (with some folks even trying to rewrite history ), has brought us to this place, fractured beyond repair. The system needs to be dismantled and rebuilt with new vision but even I can’t feign seeing that possibility on the horizon.

This poison has infected everything, activating the subconscious fears of people who believe their intentions are good, a generational message that forces well-meaning citizens to be complicit in the suffering of others as well as their own, ultimate demise. Some people really believe they’ll never find themselves on the crap end of the stick. But remember, “… then they came for me.

Until enough of us snap out of the well-orchestrated divide-and-conquer program, it can only get worse.

So what do we do?

In spite of the crazy-making spin on national events, I’m not done in. I feel a bit of a second wind and some hope in the real, underrepresented majority.

My prediction: Donald Trump will not attain the “highest office in the land”. Of this I am fairly certain.

Guess that is pretty “idealistic” 😊 but I still remember the view above ground before we slid down this slippery slope.

Where would we be without hope? I shudder to think …

On a positive note, there’s the young folks. Don’t believe the hype about me-me-me millenials. 20 and 30-somethings are doing things. Big, important things, offering the young (and hopeful) at heart to get on board.

Starting with my own two amazing wonders, with brains AND heart, forging paths towards a better future, Millenials and all those after, thank God for you.

Now,  check out some real news from a very talented crew. Lighting the way out of these lands of mad hatters, evil queens (&kings), and Cheshire grins.


~ by katrinataylor44 on November 3, 2016.

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