Unpleasant Realities


Athan Gibbs: 30 yr accountant & inventor of the TruVote system – Killed March 12, 2004

I remember when this tragedy happened in 2004 and knowing, without a doubt, why this courageous man’s life had been cut short.

A recap of the politics at that time: an overly enthusiastic Howard Dean kills his otherwise good chances as the Democratic Presidential nominee with a single scream. John Kerry runs away with the prize, beating out yet-to-be-outed, John Edwards, General Wesley Clarke, Al Sharpton, and Senator Carol Moseley Braun.

But the senator from Massachusetts couldn’t overcome unflattering  images spread by the right, of him windsailing in speedos. No matter how many years  he served in Vietnam. George W. Bush took the presidency for a second time. Ralph Nader is blamed once again, for splitting the democratic vote.

While there were fewer questions, publically, about W’s win than in 2000, there were private concerns about voter fraud with the new electronic machines that left no paper trail. Found to be easily manipulated, these machines brought all democracy stood for, into question. Republicans had shown a propensity for unscrupulous behavior and the convenient, untimely death of Athan Gibbs might have brought this under scrutiny. If it had been given any real exposure.

But, instead, his tragic death went under the rug along with other Bush administration mishaps like bin laden and WOMD.

Since 2004, nothing has changed concerning voting machines. Questions grow with every election but reporting in the media is nil.

With Donald Trump in the lead for the republican nomination, it’s vital that conscious citizens not drop the ball. The masses have been placated once again with iPhones and reality tv, easily herded towards the anger-driven platform of Trump, and someone has to grab the reigns of sanity. Not likely the MSM will pick up the slack by the looks of things. So, as always, it is up to We, the People.

Don’t despair. Be aware ⚡️


Death of a Patriot


~ by katrinataylor44 on March 24, 2016.

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