Democrats Need to Call Republicans Out

Yet, they don’t.

Democrats may have the best vision for the nation but Republicans have the “united front” down pat. The cat-herd Dems have way more ammunition to work with but seem to have trouble with target messaging. The smart thing for us to do is to get on board with a common cause. The vision of a much brighter future than Republicans have planned for us.

It is no exaggeration to say that corporations threaten the sanctity of democracy with their oligarchical aims. And they own the Republicans, which explains much of the gibberish that has become Republican talking points. How they form their lips to even say the word “patriot”, is beyond me. But in spite of all the talk about “makers” and “takers”, “the real Americans” and “job creators”, the truth of the matter is the greedy bastards won’t stop until they have everything. It will never be enough.

That’s their game plan.

Voting is our best defense against the gluttonous, chronically insecure frat boys threatening drill, frack, “develop, and consume earth’s resources until there’s nothing left. That’s including every hour of underpaid work they can squeeze out of you.

36 days before election day, Tuesday, November 4, 2014


Daily Kos – Sept 28, 2014 – Ian Reifowitz

As usual, Republicans are in corporations’ pockets. Dem Senate candidates should hammer them for it.


Last week, the Obama administration issued new regulations to limit corporate tax inversions. This maneuver, as our own Joan McCarter explained, is “the practice of corporations buying subsidiaries in foreign countries, then renouncing U.S. citizenship to get out of paying U.S. taxes.” In other words, another scam by big money to stick the rest of us with the tax bill they should be paying. When Burger King announced plans for such a move last month, Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-OH) said they’d “abandoned their country” and called for a boycott. Damn straight.

On the one hand, we should applaud the White House for taking action, but the problem is that regulatory changes alone aren’t enough to do the job. Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) noted: “The administration wanted to go as far as they legally could, but they’re very careful.” He referred to the changes as “a good effort,” but added “the only real way to stop inversions is legislative.” Schumer urged Congress to craft a stricter definition of inversion and enact a ban on “earnings stripping.”

Earnings stripping? You’ll love this. Earnings stripping refers to a practice by which a foreign-based parent corporation loans large sums to—wait for it—itself. How? By loaning, on paper, the money to one of its own U.S. subsidiaries. Then the corporation gets to deduct the interest it is paying—again, to itself—and cancel out, dollar for dollar, taxes on profits it owes our government.

Sen. Ron Wyden (D-OR) called for legislation that would solve the problem for good “before this growing wave of inversions erodes our nation’s tax base.” And why hasn’t Congress passed such legislation? You guessed it, congressional Republicans have blocked it over and over again, saying they are waiting for “comprehensive tax reform.”

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