Countdown 2014: Only 48 Days Until Election Day

By Katrina Taylor

We’re in the midst of a vital election season, the results of which will determine the direction of the nation for some time to come. So many people struggling with low wages, high costs and debt makes the choice clear. In an unprecedented move, Republicans have done nothing to help the country since the economic crisis five years ago. They chose a strategy of “NO’ when their constituents and the nation needed them most and have taken the obstruction of government to heights before unknown. I call it treasonous for elected officials to so blatantly seek to sabotage us all but that’s considered “extreme”.


President Obama and the Democrats have still managed to turn the ship away from the ruin we were heading towards, even in the face of tea party madness. The idiots who say we’re “worse off” now have no understanding of what worse means. Worse would be breadlines at this point since we were losing 700,000 jobs a month back then. Remember that? We stand now at fifty-four consecutive months of job growth. That’s called “better”.

It’s a small sacrifice to take a little time to go to the polls on November 4. I consider it a duty.


I get that the electorate has been kneaded and plied by so much nonsense, faux noise, intentional misinformation, poisoned panels, and corporate-owned perspectives, hope can be difficult to muster. But the greedy bastards never sleep. It’s their plan to wear you out with bullshit. With every positive step taken on behalf of the American people, corporate lobbyists and their cronies in congress have doubled-down against it. Now, we have Citizens’s United and crappy for-profit “colleges” sinking the next generation into massive debt before they even get a job. Politics may be a game and to be in it you gotta play it. But the Republican and Democratic parties have diametrically opposed visions for our future and we can’t afford to forget it. Remember when you’re feeling uninspired that women’s rights, civil rights, labor rights, basic human rights wouldn’t exist here left to our Republican legislators. Don’t let anyone tell you different. Your vote matters.

Our democracy is once again on the line and the choice, once again, is in our hands. The facts speak for themselves. When We, The People show up, there’s no stopping us.

The arc of justice bends towards truth and the majority tends towards what’s right for the whole, whether or not the whole sees it.

We just need to show up.

The general meme in Washington these days is that people don’t pay attention to the midterms but these are unprecedented times. It’s up to us to get the job done. The “Trickle Down Theory” has been a long, painful, epic fail. Enough already! It can only continue with our consent. Stop rewarding bad behavior.



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