Sunday Photo Fiction – The Eternal Dance


“Shhh!!” Pippet was hunkered down behind the decaying tree stump, her tail glistening in the full moonlight. I tried to get a better view but she was gripping my arm so tightly I knew better than to try to move. “It’s beginning. Hush now and listen …”

I could hear nothing. At first. Then the water at the river’s edge started to vibrate and ripple onto the crystalline sands of the shore. The hum was imperceptible, felt more than heard and my heart soon found its rhythm and pulsed with the waves, swelling and rising, sparkling in the air. Silhouettes of the legged ones frolicked in the glow over the plains and their lilting voices soon reached us, riding on the currents. We were engulfed now in tides of color, blues, pinks and greens swirling through us vivid and fragrant, intoxicating.

Pippet’s eyes were closed, her head rolling with the flowing etheric waters. She reached over the top of the stump and tried to rise but her tail curled under her, unable to lift her any higher. Pippet’s attention snapped from bliss to the reality. The curse she so hoped to change. Sire Zandras had told her, promised if she made it to the shore before the moon dissolved behind the cliffs, she would be able to dance with the legged-ones. The blessed divine women now reveling in the moonlight, weaving dimensions into form.

I watched through a haze of wonder, fear played at the edges of my thinking. The Sire was known to be wise but this? As doubt rose, my heart sank and I quickly shifted my focus to the beauty around me. Breathing deeply of the light particles undulating, burning through the doubts like fire. In an instant I was overtaken. Eyes fluttered closed and the density of my body, much heavier on land, faded in the waters lifting the very air. Pippet was close. Closer than ever before and though I could not see her, her essence expanded my heart. The women on the horizon were hovering above the grassy plain, their feet swaying like anemones when the morning sun hits the water just right.

“It is happening …” Pippet’s voice resonated through me, her thoughts painting pictures in my mind. I watched the divine women lift higher and higher against the backdrop of the moon, still blazing though half of it had been eaten by the cliffs. The music of their voices changed the landscape. Memories faded and joy filled me. I was buoyant and all pain disappeared into nothingness. There I played for what seemed like forever.

Ecstatic cries echoed in my awareness. “Wooheee! Praise Zandras! Praise Sire Zandras in all glory! My sister, come! Come, let’s dance!” Pippet’s voice trailed off and I reluctantly opened my eyes.

For a moment I couldn’t grasp it but when I went to flick the curved fins that had propelled me through so many seas, the shiny scales that had been both a blessing and a curse, I fell. The ground I had been prisoner to now squished between toes trying to steady the legs that extended from me. I blinked twice and let it wash over me. I had legs! My hands reached down feeling the skin over new bones and muscles. Oh yes, oh yes Sire Zandras in all glory!

Pippet’s voice was one with the harmonious symphony as she bound over the hill on her new legs and joined the divine women, their hips grinding and grounding heaven into earth. I stumbled up and found my strength, my voice emerging from deep within, singing the songs in the eternal dance of creation.

The last light from the moon slipped behind the cliffs leaving the enchanting glow of playful hearts. Magic sparked the night and I was running now, carrying with me the promise of lost dreams. As I approach the circle my feet left the ground and I rose to meet the rapturous grace of the legged ones. The women who nurtured bright futures.

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~ by katrinataylor44 on February 24, 2014.

6 Responses to “Sunday Photo Fiction – The Eternal Dance”

  1. Wow. That is awesome. Left me with a smile at the end 🙂

  2. A magical tale!

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