2014 – A Critical Midterm Election Year


Hey everybody. This posting has been a long time coming though the words have been formulating in my mind/heart for a few weeks now.

I’ve mentioned in previous posts my growing distaste for politics, or rather, the way the political landscape in the U.S. has been warped by the racism of Tea Party. It was striking, even to me, when after President Obama was elected the second time around, whatever inkling of civic passion remained within me, faded. It was a near-instant response after overwhelming numbers voted for our 44th President. After that historic moment when Ohio was called for Barack Obama, again, back in 2012, I was done.

Of course I knew that the work wasn’t over but I just had no more stomach for the bullshit that was passing as “fair and balanced” “breaking news”. What was considered crazy-talk when right-wing extremists started spouting it in 2008 — stuff nobody would ever take seriously on a national scale — has now made its way into the realm of legitmacy, hijacked a political party, and infiltrated the national discourse as a perfectly legitimate way to run a democracy. Continuing to engage with it was lessening the quality of my life, stressing me out in ways that overshadowed other passions.

But, alas, t’is an election year and a very important one at that. So I’m forced to hold my nose and dive back into the fray of political madness. Ewww …

Where, oh where to begin?

Just a few cursory glimpses at the cacophony of news programming out there tells me that things have gotten worse, in terms of actually informing the populace. The shadow of doubt and fear cast around the persona of President Obama is enough to put the Nazi propaganda machine to shame. Yeah, I said it.

The President carries himself with unprecedented grace no matter what is being hurled at him. He has had to make some unpopular choices, of course. He’s the president! But the air of disrespect and false beliefs projected on him is thick, a web of lies spun so thoroughly that it’s impossible to unravel. And you wonder why people believe in mind-control.

The opposing party is just that. Opposing. Republicans have given nothing but opposition since Wall Street crashed in 2008 and the black guy was set up to bear the brunt of their mistakes. And that shit has worked!! An uninformed electorate has been easily led to skewed conclusions by Big Brother media. And the farce played out by corporate lackeys at anchor desks night after night has opened huge cracks for the serious loons to influence non-thinking minds with  insane conspiracy theories on the net.

The President’s own party has shown themselves to be little more than the smart kids with low EQ (emotional intelligence). Brandishing their fair-weather support like a club, whining and sabotaging possible gains that don’t meet all their demands.

Never have I seen a classier politician than President Obama. The majority did get it right a second time around, no matter how much money the opposition spent to stop it. He and the First Family are true role models, shining examples who live the “family values” so many posers only give lip service to. I’ll leave it there for now about our most excellent and awesome President, quiet as it’s kept.

A civil pen is my aim these days when it comes to short-sighted Republican legislators and fellow citizens though I cannot guarantee my mood once we get closer to November 4, 2014.

I see that Republicans are trying to pretend to act normal now by doing things like honoring the country’s bills and raising the debt ceiling, something they couldn’t bring themselves to do without a filibuster over the past five years. Their tantrum last summer, which lowered the nation’s credit rating for the first time in history, is a story they want buried in the 24/7 news cyclone as we head towards the midterms.

All kinds of important stuff is on the table in this upcoming election. First on the list, voting out the obstructionists in Congress. 33 of the 100 senate seats are up for grabs with three special elections, 21 Democrats and 15 Republicans. The regression of the Republican brand has them challenging their own incumbents with even more extreme candidates. But after the takeover by teaparty enthusiasts on Capitol Hill in 2010 and gerrymandered control of the House in 2012, Democrats are maneuvering to regain the House.

Bill Maher has started Flip a District a process aimed at rooting out “terrible, entrenched” congressmen, gerrymandered into districts where no love is lost on either side. Mr. Maher’s project is well under way in Phase One where he’ll pick a district and stay with it throughout the campaign season, getting to know the candidates and their potential constituents.

I feel it’s vital to our democracy to regain the House if we want to get big stuff done in the last two years of the Obama administration. The White House has managed to make tremendous gains in spite of the obstructionists — the DOW is at 16460 today from 7950 in January 2009. The unemployment rate which peaked at 10.8% is now down to 6.7%. GDP growth at -5.4 in 2009 is now +4.1 and deficit GDP is down from 9.8 to 3.3%. Consumer confidence, which encourages spending, is up to 78.1 from 37.7%. Imagine what might have happened for our nation had Republicans been as committed to the country as they are to their corporate pimps.

Oops. Tipping the civil pen just a bit.

I guess that’s just par for the course. When dealing with the fulsome, debauched zoo that is politics, tact can be difficult to pull off.

So, I’m back for real this time and look forward to seeing what everyone has been up to. Here’s one of the things I’ve been up to, another passion close to my heart.



Feel free to check it out and let me know what you think!

See you around!


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