Change Is In The Air …

Change Is In The Air …

Hey Everybody. Checking in to let you know I’m still here. Please know that I think of you often and you are not forgotten. Even if you don’t see me here, you continue to inspire me to get my thoughts onto the page.

So much has been happening and the landscape of my life has changed in ways too complex to explain here. Relationships, coming and going, new experiences, stretching limits in ways I never imagined. And this is just the beginning. So much has been cleared and many discoveries are coming through in my writing, though getting it out was rough for a minute. I’ve moved past the blocks and now am so grateful to have such a medium as writing to express my whole Self.

What’s been happening for me, to use a computer analogy, has been like a deleting of old programming while downloading and installing a new focus. Facing old fears and opening up to new possibilities. It feels like I’ve lived thru lifetimes over these past 2 years. Writing was a bit of a challenge when things looked all topsy-turvy. When things seemed to be falling apart they were falling into place. I couldn’t have planned my life better. So much positive change going on but I have managed to make headway on my books. I’ll speak more about this at the end of this post.

I’ve had little tolerance for the news these days. So much bullshit being passed off as **BREAKING NEWS** So much misinformation how could anyone decipher it? Actual journalism is kept in the shadows behind the hype. Every now and again, I’ll venture into the fray just to see what’s happening but, for the most part, I keep my distance.

Underneath all the noise it seems to me that our single and only true dilemma is us. Living in an illusion of separation is the cause of  made-up conflicts. The insecurities that we embody and inflict upon each other manifests in ways that are detrimental to all of us. History tells the tale of base, murderous natures underlying the civility we’ve aspired to. Though we have evolved and we are far less violent than before, we have some major work to do as a whole.

We are told daily to be afraid. To be very afraid of the boogeyman just around the corner. Be afraid of your boss, the bill collector, the government, your spouse, your children, your neighbor … yourself. Average citizens spend their days working their fingers to the bone for less and less pay, struggling to feed their families and keep a roof over their heads. While a self-selected few use the peoples’ labor to reap stomach-turning profits.

But what can you do? Pharmaceutical companies, today’s legal drug dealers, have the ready solution in pills to help you escape your overwhelming helplessness forming a vicious cycle that keeps us from ever pulling back the curtain to see that the wizard has no clothes.

The greedy bastards could care less if you’re black or white. Or brown, red, yellow or blue, gay, straight, Christian or Muslim or Jew. Those at the top of this game don’t even care if you’re rich or poor. Just as long as we keep fighting each other creating the angst and desperation so vital to their survival. WE, the collective hand over our power to the elite and complain about our brothers and sisters. Ignoring the truth has gotten us here. It is OUR collective issue and it will take US to find the solution. We’ve found the cajones to do it before and, in spite of the fact that we seldom hear such stories, there are many people today taking the journey of introspection and creating positive changes for our future.

I’m not talking about holding rallies or marches, though they can be effective at the right times. What I’m talking about is more personal. Taking an intense and thorough look within, through all the muck to find the heart of what we’re truly all about. To find who we are beneath the masks.

When each person faces the truth of themselves it opens a space for authentic relationships allowing each of us to explore, rather than hide, our true selves. Most people find this to be a horrifying proposition, which is why many would rather point fingers than take themselves on. But, in my view, we are seldom as bad as we think we are.

We all have natural gifts we don’t use and instead we carry these harsh judgments around with us, veiled by clothing, cars or whatever masks we choose to wear. Primitive unrest about our core selves fester within us. Our fear keeps us from facing this boogeyman. But when we find the courage to push past what feels impossible to pass thru, we find that what we feared is an illusion of our own making.

So, concluding my philosophical rant, I propose that we take a moment away from the hustle. Even if it’s five minutes to get in touch with ourselves.

Place your hand over your heart and feel it beating. Breathe. Find the peace that is the truth of you beyond the man-made struggles. Slow your mind and breathe. No one can take this moment from you. You are sovereign unto yourself and from this centered place you can clear the obstacles that have kept you from knowing this. This is your real power. The power of your heart-center which is the connecting force of all that is. Let’s all of us find the strength and courage to move past division and love.

I know this may seem to be “pie in the sky” in light of all the turmoil we see around us. But I’ll quote Marianne Williamson, author & spiritual teacher in her ad running for Congress in California. “I don’t think making love the new bottom line is naïve; I believe that thinking we can survive the next hundred years doing anything less, is naïve …”


If anyone would like to be a test reader for a few chapters of my books, I’ll be ready to send them out in the next two weeks. I would like three different perspectives. First to reply will be the first considered. Serious inquiries only

Send requests to


Thank you to all who have supported me. You truly lift my heart and remind me daily of what’s truly important in life. Authentic connections and sharing from the heart


~ by katrinataylor44 on November 24, 2013.

3 Responses to “Change Is In The Air …”

  1. Good to see you progressing to the better improved you. Glad you are good.

  2. I SO agree with everything you have to say – and you say it so eloquently!!! We are not being idealistic – we are using spiritual principles in a very practical way – to solve problems!!!

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