The Whole Truth And Nothing But …

For The Children … Let’s get real

They say to keep smiling

stay strong and keep the peace

But I live in a world that says I don’t matter

in slippery ways too hard to pin down

“Don’t be weak and “wipe your tears” they say

“and stop playing the race card when you don’t get your way”

So today, I pray

for the light to get thru the day

and the strength to move this shit out my way

They say, “why you can’t rise like all them other guys?

Why you gotta rob, cheat and steal?”

as if they didn’t steal everything to get here

the most murderous, irreverent fools of all

preaching ethics & morality

after they get through, even the planet may never recover

what chance have we mere mortal sons & daughters?

The reigning champions Profit & Propaganda

shiny objects rule .. and you can own one too!

We are always in season and if they could get away with

mounting our heads on their walls

they would

and maybe

they do


My heart went numb when I heard the word

that crazy guy who hunted Tracy & Sybrina’s boy down

walked away with his gun and a smile

No remorse about taking the

life of a child

and none expected

He was just a fat white man who couldn’t do no better than to bring a gun

to a fist fight

but wait

was that what it was?

I coulda swore I heard that crazy guy hunt that boy down with my own ears

Any fool could discern

the chilling cries of a child screaming for his life

heard on more than a couple police recordings

Somehow that all disappeared … erased from the air

and the good citizens who first

heard Trayvon, felt blood-curdling

Trayvon screaming in the wind

were asked to kindly shut up please

Their testimony could do nothing to fix

the broken sounds of a broken system

The system with a story to tell

a meme where you don’t matter and never have

no matter how many elections you win

Another child takes the stand so we

can make fun of her speech.

Even though she speaks 3 languages

and was the last one to hear her friend’s voice

it don’t matter and we prove it everyday

by what we choose to say

and don’t say … like “i love you”

But chin up y’all! Life goes on …

nothing new to see here

in fact

things are better than before

when it was always the season for strange fruit

and you couldn’t get rich by calling your mother, sister, daughter

bitches & hoes

isn’t it?

You got your Benz now and can drive it anywhere you want

pretty much

You can pay top dollar to advertise for the top designers

and keep up the facade of

chin up!

At least you’re better than your neighbor. What a loser!

Don’t forget we can be bought

They won’t

And when we whine and moan

haunted and undone at every turn

they’ll divide us


with tainted juries, real housewives & football

with the dollar that has ruled

for a short time

yet damaged enough souls to fill a millenium

You think race rules but the only color that matters is green

and as long as they keep us fighting over colors

They win

and we fall further under the boots

on our necks

but we will get out the last word

to scream at each other how justified we are in our painful moments

more painful than yours of course

ours is no different to me

it’s mine

and you don’t matter

as long as that’s the story

they win

we lose

nothing new

until each one of us

gets a clue


~ by katrinataylor44 on July 17, 2013.

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