HuffPo: Scott Prouty, ’47 Percent’ Videographer, New Job With United Steelworkers

Scott Prouty is a hero. When the poll tides seemed to be shifting towards the Republican’s massive deception campaign during the 2012 election season Mr. Prouty, arguably, saved the nation from the mitts of Mitt Romney and the Money Barons with his video camera. He was the man who pulled back the curtain revealing the real Mitt, who thought half the country he sought to govern, didn’t matter.

Mr. Prouty recently made his identity known to the public and, in interviews, has divulged a desire to be a lawyer. The United SteelWorkers Union jumped on the opportunity to reward this true patriot who, we know now, did some serious soul-searching before releasing the much-publicized video. Their offer to hire him and pay his law school tuition is another patriotic act that does us all proud.

Thank you Mr. Prouty and USW for doing your part to keep us moving forward ~ KT

Scott Prouty, ’47 Percent’ Videographer, Likely To Take Job With United Steelworkers

By – posted 3/14/13

WASHINGTON — Now that he’s gone public, Scott Prouty, the man behind the infamous “47 percent” video of Mitt Romney’s remarks at a Florida fundraiser, has been in talks to work for the United Steelworkers union in a role that’s yet to be determined, the head of the union told HuffPost on Thursday.

Steelworkers President Leo Gerard said the union met Prouty through Charles Kernaghan, a labor rights activist who heads the Institute for Global Labour and Human Rights, headquartered in Pittsburgh. Prouty had gotten in touch with Kernaghan, who’d been researching Bain Capital and outsourcing as Prouty anonymously disseminated his video last year. Gerard said that union officials met with Prouty at the presidential inauguration in Washington, D.C., in January, before the videographer was willing to go public.

Gerard explained his respect for Prouty, paraphrasing a quote from President Barack Obama that one voice can change a room, that room a city, that city a state, and so on. “I think Scott Prouty is one voice that changed the country,” Gerard said.

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