Signs Of Life: Real Wealth Starts Within

Real wealth starts within: The only wealth that can never be taken away.

We live in so-called “lean” economic times and so many are scrambling for dollars to live fulfilling lives. But heart trumps all superficial standards and Billy Ray Harris’ example shows us that real wealth starts from the inside. The dollars will follow when you live from your heart.

“Lack” has no place in the face of authentic humanness and even the most jaded heart can find inspiration in the people in this story who are giving from their hearts in support of decency, transmuting poison to medicine, bringing goodness to our collective mix. ~ KT

Homeless Man’s Honest Deed Rewarded With $16K Donation And Counting

Billy Ray Harris – A Good Samaritan

By | Yahoo! Contributor Network – Thu, Feb 21, 2013

A homeless man in Kansas City, Mo., made national headlines more than a week ago when he returned a valuable platinum and diamond engagement ring accidentally dropped into his cup of change by a woman offering some extra cash. Now, hundreds of donors have contributed more than $16,000 to a page on to help Billy Ray Harris get his life back on track. The man’s rewards don’t stop with financial help — the media story helped him connect with a brother in Lubbock, Texas, he hasn’t seen in nearly 30 years.

Read more at: Yahoo News

Video: Homeless man returns ring accidentally given to him


As of today 2/27/2013, donations have exceeded $167,000 for Mr. Harris.


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