Real Treasures

Real Treasures

A Poem by Kat

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When we were kids we used to find
best friends ’round every nook
There were no boxes, rules or plans
in the chances that we took
Reaching out was natural
an extension of our hearts
And joy & laughter flowed ..
.. the inspiration that forms art
As time passed the suppleness
of youth gave way to hurt
Rough edges of disappointment
Covering over love with dirt
Some learn late, some way too soon
the price of being real
And many fall deeply & darkly, & forget
there’s always ways to heal
We humans are a complex lot
possessing treasures yet untold
In each moment there is the chance
to change to new from old
We all knew once, the purity
of trusting All That Is
And found in one another
joys we otherwise might miss
So remember as you go your way
protecting broken hearts
That you are one who holds
a key and wonderfully vital part
Within your core still beats the dream
magic children know as fact
You need only face the shadows
of your painful, broken pasts
When we do this we clear the way
for humanness to shine
And connect again to the flow
that warms our hearts & minds
From this place I’m certain
we can change the world of shame
and bring into existence
new rules to run earth’s game
It’s easier than it may seem
just check in with your heart
dig thru all the muck & mire
to get to the gold part
Feed your hungry soul with love
and drop all that doesn’t serve
Open up in trust, receive
all good that you deserve
Reflections all around you
will reveal your heart of gold
in the faces & infinite beauty
you see as real self-love unfolds
It’s up to us, it’s always been
humanity’s win or loss
There is no “us” & “them”
and fighting bears a heavy cost
So take a look, if you dare
at what’s really happening inside
and find the love that’s who you are
a power that can’t be denied


~ by katrinataylor44 on February 4, 2013.

2 Responses to “Real Treasures”

  1. Reblogged this on The ObamaCrat.Com™ and commented:
    I like this, very true and real words from Ms. Katrina Taylor her blog, The Educability of Perch.

  2. Thank you JB

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