Reclaiming the Liberal Legacy

Once again, the Master Wordsmith, Playthell Benjamin, enlightens & informs. Nowhere have I read or heard such a clear, poetic breakdown of President Obama’s inaugural speech.

As I read Mr. Benjamin’s eloquent narrative of, what could arguably be deemed the most important speech of this new century, my mind is edified and my soul is enlivened.

President Barack Obama ushers us into this new day with ease & grace, in spite of apocalyptic rhetoric & actual vernacularity surrounding him. PB captures the mood of that awesome & amazing day, relaying it to us in gliding tones, lifting the resonance of this moment to its rightful, celebrated place.

Whether or not you’ve heard the President’s speech, do yourself a favor and dive, head-first, into this penetrating piece of journalism. I guarantee you’ll emerge better than you were before, in understanding the depths of President Obama’s inaugural message, history, and the importance of staying informed.

We are the ones …

Commentaries on the Times

Barack being fortified with the laying on of hands.

The Chosen One

Reflections on Obama’s Second Inaugural Address

      Grand occasions of statedemand high flown rhetoric, soaring eloquence and optimistic visions for the future from the orators tasked with celebrating the august event.  President Obama satisfied these demands in high style in his second Inaugural address; a speech marked by brutal honesty and impassioned eloquence designed to present the liberal democratic case as millions of his countrymen listened with greedy ears and joyous hearts to his message of hope and progress, as he navigates the ship of state through troubled waters during his next four years at the helm.  It was a stake through the heart of the Darwinian Reaganite clap trap that “government is the problem,” which has become the mantra of the Grand Obstructionist Party.

Jettisoning the ultra-cool demeanor that earned him the moniker “No Drama Obama,” Chilly B. began his speech with a strong…

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