NYT: President Obama Willing To Use Executive Orders On Guns

In another stroke of tactical brilliance, President Obama’s decision to send in the big guns, Vice President Joe Biden, to take on the crazed bullies in the gun lobby bears fruit. There’s nowhere to go but forward now and the VP is making clear headway on this stubbornly resistant issue. Do not believe the hype. The pushback against the gun lobby has never been more focused and the possibility for substantial changes is at hand.

Of course, most people realize that there is no government effort to “take people’s guns away”. But that hasn’t stopped gun extremists from using the tragedy in Newtown Connecticut to stoke the flames of imaginary fears. The boon in sales after such tragedies has proven to be a winning business strategy.

But VP Biden came to the table, dominating with the bona fides of decades of staunch advocacy for gun control. How I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall when our badass VP hipped the cold-dead-hands-let’s-just-start-shooting-people loons of the NRA to what’s up. They are on the losing side of history. It’s vital that We, The People help to keep the pressure on and not get lost in the distractions of a sound-bite world.

The NRA won’t let up, releasing a violent video game targeted at 4 yr. olds on the one month anniversary of the Sandy Hook massacre. This after blaming violent video games for the tragedy. A pretty clear “fuck you” if you ask me. Vampiric in its calculating coldness. Combined with the new gun-loving tv show set to premiere on the Sportsman channel today, I’d say NRA CEO Wayne LaPierre is a worthy poster child for the need for stiff background checks and scrutiny for those seeking to purchase deadly weapons.

Thank you Vice President Biden, for doing the arduous work of battling dangerous fools on behalf of the people. With our united efforts, this time, we will succeed. ~ KT

President Obama Willing To Use Executive Orders On Guns

By Michael D. Shear and Jennifer Steinhauer – posted January 14, 2013


WASHINGTON — President Obama this week will embrace a comprehensive plan to reduce gun violence that will call for major legislation to expand background checks for gun purchases and lay out 19 separate actions the president could take by invoking the power of his office, lawmakers who were briefed on the plan said Monday.

Lawmakers and other officials said that the president could use a public event as soon as Wednesday to signal his intention to engage in the biggest Congressional fight over guns in nearly two decades, focusing on the heightened background checks and including efforts to ban assault weapons and their high-capacity clips. But given the difficulty of pushing new rules through a bitterly divided Congress, Mr. Obama will also promise to act on his own to reduce gun violence wherever possible.

Actions the president could take on his own are likely to include imposing new limits on guns imported from overseas, compelling federal agencies to improve sharing of mental health records and directing the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to conduct research on gun violence, according to those briefed on the effort.

White House aides believe Mr. Obama can also ratchet up enforcement of existing laws, including tougher prosecution of people who lie on their background checks.

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