In Process …

By Katrina Taylor

Since President Obama won the election last month & the whole world could finally exhale, I’ve found my focus turning towards other things that matter most to me.

I started The Educability of Perch last September, at the tail end of the heated campaign when insanity levels reached a fever pitch. Actually, it was a kind of insanity that launched the whole Tea Party movement in 2008 so by September 2012, insanity levels were off the charts.

I kind of fell into writing this blog through a series of unlikely events. First, a political historian, author & international blogger I’d been following for a year queried me out of the blue on Facebook to “send him something to read”. After I picked my jaw up off the desk, I panicked. I’d never really published anything even though I had written my whole life. But it was an opportunity I couldn’t pass up. I started writing right away and sat there for five hours until I’d completed, what I felt, was an acceptable political essay.

A writer’s mind is often stranger than most and for several weeks, as I watched political pundits and politicians strain the boundaries of reason, an image of the recalcitrant Republicans kept coming to my mind. The elephant they were noted for didn’t cut it. They were now Pachyderms bulldozing their way thru reality and creating a new one out of thin air.

The cat-herd Democrats were the Asses. Beasts of the burden of reality, unable to unify even when the stakes were high. And thus, Pachyderms, Asses & The LOA was written.

I looked it over for spelling errors then sent the piece to the author immediately, lest I lose my nerve. Just a couple of clicks & it was gone, out into the interwebs.

Almost immediately, I panicked again, sure that I had sent a piece of crap to a renowned writer & I couldn’t take it back. After a couple of days of no response, my worse fears were confirmed and I chalked it up to lesson learned. I had blown this one but I would know better if I were fortunate enough to have a next time than to rush something so important.

The Universe works in mysterious ways and almost as soon as I got over my angst about it and let it go, I got a message from the author referring to me as a “fellow wordsmith”. He liked my piece so much he featured it in his Guest Commentators section among Ph.Ds and diplomats. My head is still reeling from that one.

So, buoyed by the support of a professional writer, I used it as a way to cathart all my frustration with the lies & deception that were the 2012 election season, The Educability of Perch was born with my first essay starting things off. It became a mission to inform the misinformed and keep facts at the forefront of the conversation. The way reality was being twisted before my eyes during the presidential campaign, in ways that threatened to steal the election from the best man for the job was unacceptable to me. This was one very small thing that I could do. To share what I’ve learned and try to educate those with ears to hear.

But now, the campaign is over. President Obama is where he belongs and we can continue on the path he set in his first term without the hamstringing of another election. The work is still to be done and it will be but the mission of making sure the President is reelected is over & my passions are adjusting.

From the time of the 2008 campaign I’ve fought vehemently for one side because the alternative wasn’t a viable one. It was imperative that President Obama be reelected for the sake of the country whether or not the whole country realized it. Most of us did and that’s one we can check off the list and take heart in.

But I’m always aware that the underlying reality of humanity, beneath all the borders and boundaries is the fact we are one. Think of how disasters instantly bring this reality into focus when lines between us disappear with our sudden need for one another. There’s no future in continuing divisions, in my view. I’m not one who necessarily enjoys the fight even though I will fight to the death for a worthy cause. What drives me are the things that remind us of our common ground.

So now I’m in process, revamping the blog. I don’t want to add another blog as it’s hard enough to find time to maintain one right now. And because the  The Educability of Perch is a continuous struggle. There will always be those powerful forces who use misinformation to confuse the facts and I will forever be a staunch defender of truth.

But the trajectory is shifting and I’m in the process of determining the best way forward. A way that can help heal some of the inflamed divisions that abound these days while keeping true to our forward motion & continuing to call out lies & deception that threaten our united sanctity. The opportunity is here and now. There’s enough evidence to prove that continuing to fight one another is a losing strategy for everyone.

Finding a way through the intense emotions that run through individual hearts is a difficult slough but a necessary one in the bigger picture. Love is, indeed, the answer. It’s the cutting through the layers of invented divisions where the real work is done & it’s a very personal journey. Each of us knows the part we play — for good or evil — and if we don’t, the hard work of introspection is required as it’s the only way to contribute our true measure.

It’s a lifelong journey, finding one’s best self. I’m on a mission to, in some small way, contribute my best and maybe encourage another to do the same. Always a work in progress.

To be continued …


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