Wall Street Has Turned The Nation Into An Episode Of “Hoarders”

By Katrina Taylor

Hoarders is a popular tv series that features people suffering from various forms of OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) that manifests as compulsive hoarding or pathological collecting. The web definition of a hoarder is “a person who accumulates things and hides them away for future use.”

We all probably know someone whose a “pack rat” and/or are one ourselves but hoarding takes that to another level with extremes that can threaten health, families and even life.

Considering the constant chatter about debts, deficits and taxes, I feel that we should seriously consider the possibility that Wall Street is suffering from this condition. Or rather, that we are suffering from Wall Street’s problem with hoarding cash.

I’ll be the first to admit that I know nothing about how Wall Street works. But it seems to be made up out of thin air. Making money by making money and guessing how the markets will go. A tenuously mathematical construct that forms the basis of the worlds’ economy. But that’s just the perspective of a novice.

But if any parts of that are true then we’ve got a serious problem on our hands. The monster that was created from the risky bets placed against our future by those we entrusted with our dough. They were responsible for the nation’s thus the global economy and decided to take the cash to the casino.

This strategy worked for the larger banks but the smaller ones got sucked into the conglomerated structure of the too-big-to-fail. Many community banks dried up all together. The bets Wall Street placed on an inflated housing market, corrupted by unrestrained access to writing the policies that controlled it, became an orgy of money-making that perverted the entire structure. And when the market came crashing down during the crash of September 2008, in the real world, it was a huge loss.

Individuals and families, communities and the entire country are still in the throes of a slow recovery from the destruction that was caused by this reckless behavior. But you know whose not struggling? Guess who hasn’t lost but have gained in jackpot numbers since causing this global fiasco?

You guessed it. Wall Street. The perpetrators of the crime returned to the scene and found it, for them, better than ever. No cops, no courts or jail cells. Just more and more money. And they still can’t get enough. Word has it the too-big-to-fail banks are sitting on trillions of dollars as the nation that they fleeced struggles to recover from their gambling spree. I recall similar behavior was illegal back when the S & L scandal was going on and banksters actually went to jail. Even if it was a Club Med prison, there was some accountability.

But since that time legislators have gotten into office who have changed the laws so that the money barons can operate with more freedom. Who needs regulations? Forget the evidence that shows since the repeal of Glass-Stegall the banks have swelled, sucking up all the legislators they can to continue their plutocratic aims. So, Wall Street got away with what was once considered fraud and theft, got to keep the loot and continue to reap record profits. No, I don’t understand how Wall Street works but that just seems like a racket to me.

Now they’re sitting on the bulk of the nation’s cash. And it’s the peoples’ money they’re hoarding as they continue to rake in the chips quarter after quarter while people are jobless, tired and hungry.

Why are they stashing the greenbacks? There’s no obvious answer except that they’re exhibiting the behavior of hoarders. Hoarders can’t stop themselves, even when they know what they’re doing isn’t right. And these banksters don’t seem to have a clue that they’ve done anything wrong considering the battles they continue to wage against us trying to keep them from taking us to the brink again. What they spend on lobbyists to protect their “rights” to do what they want with our money, could house, feed and clothes several cities. Possibly some states. Yet banksters and corporations keep stashing money away and … saving it for a rainy day?

A favorite quote of mine by George Gordon, otherwise known as Lord Byron goes:

“For most men (till by losing rendered sager),

will back their own opinions by a wager”

But Wall Street’s only opinion is driven by greed and their wagers are backed by our dollars. The money barons certainly haven’t been rendered any sager by taking the global economy to the edge of the cliff as they’re still engaging in the same behavior and trying to have even fewer regulations. They have no clue and feel entitled to take the risks they put us all in because they think they really know best. And they don’t seem to learn from their mistakes. Not at all.

What we can do is lobby congress ourselves and force these elected officials to reign in Wall Street. After taking us all to the brink, ruining lives with impunity, those elected by the people should do the work of the people and not the money barons. The money barons are doing just fine.

President Obama has already implemented the greatest Wall Street reforms since the 1930s but the Democratic Senate has been blocked by the Republican House from passing the full measure. We can flood the phone lines, inboxes, and offices of our Congressmen & Senators and tell them we will not continue to be enablers. Wall Street has a problem but the people keep paying for it and that’s not right.

If someone you loved was trapped in their apartment behind a baracade of newspapers, afraid to throw them away because they might need them someday, you would try to help them. If the problem was a greater threat to the community, the community would rise up. The difference with Wall Street is worse in that they control the purse strings and they don’t give a hoot about any of us. The damage they can cause we’ve seen first hand and we cannot let it happen again.

The election is over but the work is never done. Contact your legislators and let them know that it’s time to make the system work for everyone not just a few. Without the people, nobody makes any money so we must use that power in the same way we did on November 6, 2012.


~ by katrinataylor44 on December 8, 2012.

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