Stop & Smell The Roses

By Katrina Taylor

The 2012 election season was a grueling exercise in civil discourse, authenticity & integrity. For those paying attention, our navigational skills were stretched beyond reason as we tried to figure out how down became up in the bizarro world of political spin that was unfolding before our eyes. The opposition seemed to be making headway with no substance, only dollars & nonsense and by the end of October the public & the pundits were wringing their hands. And judging by all the polls (except the one that consistently mattered) who would win the 2012 election was anybody’s guess.

But, as it turns out, all that angst was for naught and the reigns of our democracy rests in steady hands. We don’t have to worry whether or not there will be a repeal of women’s rights or paying for rich peoples’ tax cuts or finding more wars to send young people to die in.

Besides the fact that President Obama won re-election, with many parts of the citizenry standing in lines for up to eight hours to make sure of it, the Blue ticket won the night with Democrats retaining control of the Senate plus picking up two Republican seats. Not enough to prevent the 60-vote filibuster but enough to now change the recent abuse of that rule. Democrats also picked up eight seats in the House of Representatives.

So, in the 24/7 news cycle, where the sensational & hyped are pumped through the daily dialogue, urging us on to the next problem or issue, let us take a moment in our day to reflect on the most excellent work done by We, The People on November 6, 2012.

There’s no doubt we’ve still got much to do but for just a minute, let’s just kick back, take a breath & maybe even pat ourselves on the back.

And never forget the power of your vote.

Here’s a quick video of how election night unfolded.


~ by katrinataylor44 on December 6, 2012.

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