Election 2012: As the Page Turns: Youngins Take the Reigns

Election 2012: As the Page Turns:

Youngins take the reigns

~Youth Vote hits record numbers in 2012 Presidential Election~

By Katrina Taylor

When I wrote my Open Letter to the Youngins Intending Not to Vote, I had no idea of the impact it would have on the 2012 Presidential election.

I’m kidding, of course. While one could only dream of playing, even a teeny-tiny part in what happened on Tuesday, November 6, 2012 among the youngest voting demographic in the United States, even I couldn’t have imagined the outstanding results. The youngins brought their A++ game and surpassed my wildest expectations in carrying on the torch of transformative movements, a continuation of the tireless work of their predecessors. The 2008 Presidential election was impressive and in 2012, young folks showed up even stronger.

As we’ve learned more since President Obama won reelection by a mandate last Tuesday, young people were vital to the movement that proved to the world that the special interests and money barons have no power against We, The People. If there was any question of whether or not your vote matters, it was put to rest on election day.

The Obama campaign apparatus, made up largely of up-and-coming 20-somethings, implemented a tactically brilliant structure, an organism of algorithmic deftness that experts will be pondering for years to come. This was a classic rope-a-dope strategy that has the opposition still reeling in its wake. Hurricane Sandy’s biblical scourge of the Eastern Shore days before the election was an apt prelude to the destruction wrought upon Republicans last Tuesday.

Karl Rove certainly had a problem accepting the news that Ohio went for President Obama, thus clenching the Presidency for his second term. Within seconds in what was supposed to be some kind of nail-biter night, President Obama was reelected 44th POTUS and the grueling campaign season was over. Mr. Rove’s response was more than a little suspicious to me and, in spite of all networks calling the election for President Obama,  Rove’s continued flustering about pushed right up to the edges of  him saying, “but wait, we rigged those machines … wait for it …” But that conversation will have to wait for another day.

Karl and his out-FOX-ed friends are remaining true to their losing strategy by doubling down on the loony tunes rhetoric that lost them the election in the first place. It’s a prospect which I’m sure sends thrills up the legs of more than a few Democrats. A total sweep of Capitol Hill is a sure bet if Republicans keep residence down the rabbit hole of their own creation. A hole that’s threatening to close in on them if they don’t snap out of it. Mittens and the Money Monolith came to a 21st century battle with 20th century weapons and are now left standing with their peckers swinging in the wind. All the money in the world can’t buy you love and maybe that’s their real problem deep down. But I guess I can kind of understand why the right was so broadsided by this loss. They spent so much money and got less than 1% return on their investment.

President Obama won decisively, taking all swing states except North Carolina. With over 44,000 more votes than G.W.’s self-proclaimed mandate in 2004 and would have likely been much more were it not for Republican voter suppression efforts.

The corporate-owned Republicans could never have imagined the kind of efficient machine that executed the math-based campaign that all but ensured President Obama’s victory months ago. Particularly with the lying Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan as would-be-but-ill-suited contenders, who seemed to think the electorate was as clueless as they themselves appeared to be. I found that particularly offensive as the obvious disdain of this man for the majority of the people he’d be governing had he won, reveals a disturbing truth about his motivations. Mitt just wanted to be President. Period. Not for the benefit of any of us, for sure. And the FOX News spin machine whipped the “conservative” side of the populace into such mass delusion that even the candidate believed it. Mittens didn’t even feel the need to write a concession speech. How is that possible?

As I’ve observed the meltdown at FOX and among the Republicans on Capitol Hill since last Tuesday I can’t help but try to imagine what it must be like to wake up and realize that a centuries old dynasty is over and the world is now one you don’t recognize. Colored people are everywhere, even the Oval Office and something about it just ain’t right. If one has spent his or her life resting on the laurels of being White then having to actually compete on level ground with everyone else might be a daunting proposition, even though we are still far from the systemic changes that would bring about true equality in America. But we are undoubtedly on our way and our misguided brethren for the most part have yet to wake up to the reality. They are collectively choosing an alternate reality and I shudder at the prospects of what’s to come.

Young folks today don’t much hold to such notions and their friends generally span the global spectrum. Black, White, Muslim, Christian, Gay, Straight … you don’t judge based on such superficialities. The familiarity that comes from exposure has lifted many prejudices of the past from your psyches. You have a real picture of the true builders of this great nation. Mixed and varied are the blood, sweat and tears that have made and sustain us. Those screaming about others “taking their stuff” and “getting their country back” are the dinosaurs of a dying era and in the words of Spiritualist, Eckhart Tolle, they will “evolve or die”.

The first time young people applied their formidable talents towards the election of President Obama in 2008, the right should have been paying attention. That consummate campaign was the first sign that times were changing and while Republicans did come out strong after that election, organizing to sweep the Congress in 2010, their extreme platform couldn’t sell on a national level, as was proven in 2008 with Sarah Palin. I saw early on that they would do themselves in this campaign season but the Citizen’s United fueled Romney campaign fought like rats trapped in a corner, the chance at the Oval Office, along with a counterfeit inheritance of supremacy, slipping through their fingers. It is a reality they still can’t face and thought a recovering but weak economy, lies & cheating would sway the majority. But the majority had shifted while they were plotting and conniving, asleep to the changing landscape forming around them. Continuing down this road will wind up costing the Republican Party everything and they will go the way of the Whigs in a very short time if the saner among them don’t take hold of the rudder.

There are a lot of people paying attention to the young folks now and the model created by the Obama reelection campaign, representing a force as on fire as our forebears who fought and died for the rights we’re fighting to maintain today. However, these young people have evolved the fight to a leaner, smarter battle. Utilizing technology maximizing their inalienable rights to form a political ju jitsu that defeated the Right-Wing Money Monolith and changed how campaigning will be done forever. It’s a model that will be marveled over and studied for some time. These youngins created the structure that would bring out more youngins to Barack the vote in record numbers. 60% for the President to Romney’s 36%. The 18-29 demographic made up 19% of the electorate, also up from 2008. My jaw dropped when I saw the numbers. I don’t know if it was just your stealth or flawed polling but you came in under the radar and I had all but given up on you, underestimating you, and delighted that I was so wrong. The going media spin was that you came out to elect the Black President in 2008 but now the novelty was over and you were disinterested and disappointed.

This couldn’t have been further from the truth. While 61% of Whites voted for Mitt Romney, President Obama won reelection without the majority of the White vote, gaining over 70% of Latinos and Asians and over 90% of Blacks. 55% of women voted for the President, about the same as 2008 though President Obama trounced Mitt Romney by a whopping 39% among single women who were galvanized by the Republican’s war on women’s rights that were fought and won over 50 years ago.

That is change you can believe in and the trajectory of our national story has shifted towards the realization of the American Dream, fulfillment of a promise of inclusion that has crossed a major threshold. The page did turn with the election of President Obama in 2008 and without young people it wouldn’t have been possible. We are moving forward. You are the ones we’ve been waiting for. Your tireless work here is the current reminder, the calling cry of our present day, for every citizen to our united cause.

I am paying closer attention now. And it’s already clear by the tone that those serving the interests of the rich, the White and the male will not stop. They never say die and the depths of insanity Republicans have reached at this point, I dare say may already be irreparable. Since election night they’ve been clinging to an illusory mandate of their own, denying President Obama’s actual mandate, and think they still get to implement Mitt Romney’s policies. Lost, schmost. In FOX Newsland, rich, White males have the power and they’re so blind they fail to see what pansies they’re showing themselves to be. 19 red states who soak up most of the federal dollars are petitioning to secede from the union. They’re also planning to click their heels three times and land on a plantation where colored people and women are in their place, as reported by FOX. The good ole days are just over the next horizon.

Once respected Senators John McCain and Lindsay Graham are now leading a charge against Ambassador Susan Rice for the attacks in Benghazi a few months ago. The UN Ambassador played no role in this event but McCain never got over his loss against the Senator Obama and is again trying to stir the pot of derision against the President and the nation, calling for “Watergate-style hearings” to investigate. John McCain, who brought Sarah Palin within inches of the Oval Office, accuses the President of incompetence. And the fact of the matter is it was Republicans who cut the budget that would have provided the security they’re screaming about now. Their reckless and dangerous behavior is a constant blemish on the face of our nation.

The new meme is that they lost because President Obama paid minorities and women with “free stuff” like healthcare. Nothing to do with the fact that they’re batshit crazy and appear to have no clue or inclination towards governance. Mitt has to find a way to explain to his racist base how he lost to the Black guy, after all.  And appealing to their basest instincts works quite well. Tea Partiers go willfully over the cliff and I have no sympathy for their intentional state of delusion. Pavlov couldn’t have imagined the results of this dog-whistle strategy on human beings that so exemplifies his renowned experiment.

They can’t help themselves, these perpetual eaters of sour grapes, and rather than engage in their devolving inanity, the way to win against these anti-patriotic, sore Losers (note the capital “L”), is to remain ever vigilant. These guys will not quit and until they gasp their last dying breath, politically speaking, we cannot sleep. Even then we must continue to be active and willing participants in our democracy. In each moment we are making the choice to be part of the problem or the solution based on what we do. Let’s continue to do the right thing.

Observing the President’s press conference today, I’d say the gloves are off. No more Mr. Nice Guy and President Obama has the freedom of a second term to bring down the hammer and show up fully as the man some of us have always known him to be. He played the political game masterfully in his first term and all indications tell me that by the end of his second term, our heads will be spinning at the gains he and the Democrats make. We must keep the wind at his back and use our proven strength to force the obstructionists in Congress to do the jobs they were elected to do on behalf of the people.

Of course, the work does not end with this awesome victory. But I’m surer today that you, Youngins, have a profound understanding of this. And “Youngins” really doesn’t apply to such individuals who have demonstrated such maturity and mastery in the processes that will determine the course of their lives. I’m resting a little easier these days, heartened by your development of our common cause. Yours has been an exemplary execution of a plan, carrying high the torch passed to you by your predecessors, necessitating an evolving discourse, directing us towards better options and brighter possibilities.

I’ll admit that too often those of my generation have given in to fault and blame, the habitual complaining of parenthood, and sometimes forget the great gift that is our young people. You are raw potential, a treasure and the future of us all. And, today, you have done us proud. You have certainly renewed my faith in you and reminded me that things are not always as they seem. The winter of our old and dying stories prepares the ground for the sprouting buds of the spring days to come.

You are building upon our ever-progressing collective story. Adding unto it and marking your place in history as defenders of right, fulfilling your duty as responsible citizens of the United States.

I salute you.

God Bless You and God Bless the United States of America.


~ by katrinataylor44 on November 19, 2012.

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