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Chilly B. Knowledge: Superstar!

 A Weary World Rejoices

As the foreign press reports on reactions to the American election abroad tell us, people everywhere were holding “watch parties,” anxiously awaiting the outcome. From Moscow and Peking, to Paris, Kenya, Kabul, Caracas, Berlin and elsewhere; people anxiously awaited the results of the Presidential election with bated breath.  When the news hit the wires that Obama had been reelected spirits danced all over the planet, in anticipation of better days for the nations of the world.

But this should come as no surprise to those who have been paying attention to the President’s foreign policy.  Despite persistent attempts by the left to paint President Obama as a warmonger expanding the American empire, President Chavez of Venezuela, the most powerful leftist leader in Latin America, rooted for his victory.  Just one more indication of how delusional the American left is just…

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~ by katrinataylor44 on November 8, 2012.

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