Thank you Playthell Benjamin, for featuring my essay on the importance of voting. A message near & dear to my heart; the core of our democracy. Those who would restrict this right never sleep and neither should you. Vote! No matter what it takes. Barack the Vote!

Commentaries on the Times


Afro-Americans attempting to vote in Alabama

Reflections of a Reformed Non-Voter

I get it. Up until I was in my late thirties, I could’ve given a shit about politics. As far as I was concerned all politicians were corrupt and could give a shit about me so it didn’t matter. I had my own life to live & taking the time to go to a polling place just to cast a useless ballot? I had far more important things to do.

It amazes me now when I think back on how certain I was of my position. Voting was a waste of time because I felt it didn’t make a difference.  So I understand. I’ve been your age. But I ask you for a few minutes to suspend this kind thinking and remember that you have not yet been mine. And only if you’re lucky will you get to…

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~ by katrinataylor44 on November 5, 2012.

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