An extensive, three-part essay by esteemed journalist, Playthell Benjamin on the dangers of a Mitt Romney foreign policy. Mr. Romney’s choice of foreign policy advisors, made up of Bush-era neocon chickenhawks foretells a clear, costly path should he ever gain the powers of the Oval Office.

Mitt Romney has exhibited no core beliefs except for Mormonism, tax avoidance, so he’s an open vessel for use by his wealthy investors. With all the billions they’re spending & conscienceless behavior, I’d say they’re looking for a big payoff. It simply cannot be. It will not when We, the People, stand.



Commentaries on the Times


Mitt making Mischief in Poland

 On the Road to Disaster

It has become conventional wisdom among forward looking people guided by humane objectives, that Mitt Romney would not only be bad news on domestic policy should he become president,  but his foreign policy would also be disastrous.  Listening to his ignorant and bellicose statements on international relations, I find myself quoting the old Yankee catcher Yogi Berra: “It’s de ja vu all over again!” Not only does Mitt talk like he wants to bomb Iran, but start economic and shooting wars with Russia and China too.

Now Romney is wading into the extremely complex problems of the volitile Middle East.  After the tragic murder of the American ambassador and three of his Embassy staff in Libya, Mitt  gave us a glimpse  of how he would handle a serious foreign crisis.

Consider his reaction to a perfectly reasonable…

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