Wipeout on Long Island!

As usual, Mr. Playthell Benjamin nails it.

I’m not sure who the “undecided” voter is but last night President Obama did an outstanding job laying out the stark differences between the visions of the Democrats & Republicans. Mittens came with the same sales-pitch of lies, distortions and innuendo. I don’t know what the undecideds are looking for but, in my view, the choice couldn’t be clearer. Not for any rational non-millionaire, that is … KT

Commentaries on the Times

                     Barack Calling Romney Out on His Lies

 Barack Exposes Romney as Mr. Chameleon

Democrats are dancing in the streets this morning after toasting the President’s feisty performance last night.  He gave no quarter in his head to head debate with challenger Mitt Romney, who conducted himself like a schoolyard bully in their last encounter.  But when Mitt tried it this time the President smacked him in the face.  It caught Romney off guard; evidently he has spent too much time listening to media talking heads prattle on about what a great debater he is.

The President’s aggressive posture struck such a dramatic contrast with his accommodating stance in the last debate that several people who heard my Open Letter to the president on the news yesterday called to ask if I thought he had read it.  And if you consider my instructions on how to wage…

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~ by katrinataylor44 on October 17, 2012.

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