Koch Industries Warns 45,000 Employees Of ‘Consequences’ If They Don’t Vote For Republicans

I understand that the MSM is supposed to be “impartial” but neglecting efforts to suppress and manipulate the vote should be the “Breaking News” they so easily loop across our screens. This is real news and those trying to steal the election should be called out for it.

The Fourth Estate has failed miserably during this campaign. By propping up falsehoods as plausible, they assist in the delusion of the masses rather than informing us. Otherwise, I would think that elected officials working with corporate moguls to steal the White House would be front page news everyday … in a democracy, that is.

Just sayin … ~ KT

The Fifth Column

So much for Democracy.

The question I have is…will someone be looking over the shoulder of each employee as they vote?   This entire exercise is yet another bully tactic by the powers that be.   They are trying their best, it seems, to guarantee some sort of dystopian future for the American electorate.

Think Progress

The Koch brothers’ $60 million pledge to defeat President Obama — along with their political network’s $400 million spending — make them two of the most influential conservatives this election.

Not content with their unprecedented influence in politics, the Kochs have also taken to influencing the votes of their employees. According to In These Times, Koch Industries sent 45,000 mailers to employees at Koch subsidiary Georgia Pacific, urging votes for Romney and other conservative candidates. The letter warns ominously of “consequences” for the workers if Republicans lose.

The Koch mailer is one of 

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~ by katrinataylor44 on October 15, 2012.

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