A Civil Society

A Civil Society

By Katrina Taylor October 13, 2012

The recent Presidential and Vice Presidential debates have brought all kinds of issues important to the national debate to the fore. Issues around government, privilege, race, personal liberty, class warfare, among others are being bantered around by fervent critics and cerebs with little attention to facts. Opinion is largely dealt with as fact which has resulted in the 2012 campaign season being one of the most divisive in recent history with both sides crying foul and holding firm to their positions.

I feel fortunate to live in a democracy where all sides get to have a voice and a vote but what has happened to the national discourse since 2008 when we elected Barack Obama as President of the United States is straining against the edges of our Founding Fathers’ vision beyond the plausible.

The above image was posted on facebook by a fb “friend” whom I’ve interacted with for several years. We’ve had common interests, particularly around spirituality and “new age” philosophy and I often found her posts enjoyable and enlightening.

But since President Obama was elected, stuff like this pops on my page every now and then and as we get closer to the election, it’s gotten more extreme.

And herein lies my problem with today’s Republican party. I, personally, love a brisk & hardy debate based in facts and actual arguments. When I hear a Republican coming from this place, I’m glued to their words. I want to know opinions that differ from mine and find ways to work together for the benefit of the whole. It’s next to impossible to find such Republicans on the air today because today’s Republican party has promoted a culture of delusion, hatred & violence that some people take very seriously. Is there any one of us who really needs a lesson on the history of violence in this country? Yet right-wing media hosts easily spew invectives that play on stereotypes and fears and call themselves patriots in the same breath. Of course they can’t be blamed if some nut decides to go on a shooting spree. I dare say some of them seem to actually want this.

If “good” people can be so freely influenced to think, much less to post such extreme messages, then where’s the room for reasonable debate?


~ by katrinataylor44 on October 13, 2012.

6 Responses to “A Civil Society”

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  2. Unfortunately I believe the vitriolic hatred is on both sides. As an independent I hear it everywhere.

    • It’s all unfortunate. However, I’ve only seen such images as this from one side. While there may be heated rhetoric & vitriol, violence is spewed mainly from one side, in my experience. I’m not familiar with any left-leaning tv or radio host who put targets on candidates they don’t like. Supremist groups aren’t filled with liberals. Just sayin

  3. I’ve seen lots of this sort of thing on my feed too. Kinda’ sad if you ask me. I’m all for freedom of speach & expression & having differences in political views. But – it should not be done with hateful comments & images. I’m more for sticking with the facts rather than using scare tactics & intimidation. Just my pov.

    • Exactly. We should be able to have rational discussion without the violence. But, historically, this has always been the fallback position for certain factions of the country. Unfortunate

  4. all the best

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